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YAY comics I am beyond nerd

2008-07-19 12:19:37 by Sawke

I am super nerd. I was up alllll night last night...dooooing what? lol talking to my friend for hours arguing about who's better batman or spiderman! i feel no shame.

Ya we started talking from 9-1 about comics, comics becoming movies, WW1 and WW2, politics such as whether Hillary has more heat against her because she's a woman or Obama has more hate because he's black, then we discussed our projects for AP english, which the idiot doesn't want to do. THEN WE TALKED ABOUT BOYS AND NAILPOLISH...haha not even if i was on crack would i do that.

Oh and for the record i consider spiderman better because he HAS powers. Batman is not a superhero because it is not a skill to spend money on damn gadgets.

Any rich person could do that, if Donald Trump wanted to become the "Trumpeteer" and run around saving the day he could. Because he has money.

Spiderman is special because he got POWERS and they weren't by choice, it's like a life style he had no choice but to partake in, that's why he kicks ass. I'm not much of a fan of the movies, because i don't consider them to be flawless in terms of plot, but i just love Peter Parkers back story and everything about his personal life.

I will definately be seeing The Dark Knight because i've always loved the joker.

another drawing from me to you friends ^^

YAY comics I am beyond nerd

Why people hit on other people in a relationship

2008-07-06 04:27:10 by Sawke

Some of you already know that some guy has been hitting on me even though he has a girlfriend so i thought "what would a asshole whore do now?" she'd hit on him right back until he decided to cheat. WHY would someone do that? why would someone encourage another persons deceitful actions. Because of the power. Really, i sat thinking "hm...i have the power to break these two up, to make them both totally miserable, or one miserable then the other happy, for a little then dump him." All that power....and all you have to do is be a BIT forward. This guy is seriously asking for it. I was talking to him and he stared directly at my boobs. One wink and i'd win. Of course i'd NEVER do that. But the people who do have some serious power loving issues.

I mean...really....why put them through that pain? if they'll break up soon, wait THEN go after whichever you like. Don't fuck up other peoples happiness because you are obsessed with power, it's sick. If you love power so much become the hitler of fucking up relationships, but if any bitch ever tried to fuck up my relationship, you can be sure someones gonna get fucked up, best believe that.

heehe! I don't normally fill up all the corners of the paper like this! but i think it looks ok.

I guess the only title i could think of this was "GO GO GO!" lol.

Why people hit on other people in a relationship

Omg i am queen of cool spots!

2008-07-04 13:23:02 by Sawke

I must know of about 14 cool places to hang out in NYC. lol...hmm...maybe that isn't so great...well it is i guess if you are a HUGE nerd! ^^

Comic Stores

Midtown Comics- Theres two of these. Check the address because i didn't find one of them.

Kinokuniya!- I knew the other one before it closed! check the address for this one. I haven't been here.

Stmarks- Small people are assholes but you'll find comics and manga

Forbidden Planet- Great people, huge manga selection, don't buy the anime too expensive, comics on the downstairs area.

Midtown Comics- Near Timesquare, HUGE tons of comics and a decent selection of manga, no anime dvds sorry.

Someplace on 11st in manhattan- no that's not the name i just don't know it lol. But it's small and nice, pretty ok. Only comics though. So i don't go there much.

Nintendo World- You can play the Wii here for free! and the DS also i think. Pretty cool place but it's always friggin packed!

ImageAnime- Small, they have some great selections for anime, nice clothes, nice figurines, i love the bags and their staff is nice. Small but cool.

Jim Haleys Universe- if you want cheap shirts go here! check the bin they rank from 7-15$ i love it! HUGE comic area,unfortunately it's not well organized. Decent manga selection, no anime dvds sorry.


This is where you gotta be for the fun stuff. It's all hidden because you know some of the stuff they sell are bootleg, and most of the stores are underground for no reason. You got me don't worry!

Mott street- lol Walk down and you'll find an arcade on the right and then go further you'll see a comic store! it's past haagen Dazs you can't miss it. Go backwards from the arcade. You'll find an anime store. It's UNDERGROUND. So look on the steps for the naruto symbols. Don't worry you'll see it . Keep your head down. They open at 1 in the afternoon.

Elizabeth Center on Elizabeth St- Go inside but take the escalator down! you'll find awesome shonen and shojo stores. Cheap anime running for about 10 bucks. The mangas cheap too. There is another place i haven't checked there too.

Go to Gamestop also! in unionsquare! buy the games and play free PS3 and other stuff.

Virgin- you can also play games here for free. Union Sq.

You guys probably noticed that i didn't give addresses. Lol that's cuz i don't know them that well. I just know how to get there. i can't give you exact instructions. Just look for it on google you'll find it.

Lol well that's all i know for the geeky spots in NYC. I wish i could show you myself but the fun part about nyc is getting lost and exploring! that's my idea of a party ladies and gents. Lol and that whole list you read is my plan for what i am going to do for prom! whoooo the night of nerdery! I can't wait to get back to that arcade *drools*

Aw...Vegeta...i'm not a loser am i? map for chinatown NYC.

Omg i am queen of cool spots!

Baggy shirts FOREVER!

2008-06-21 18:42:32 by Sawke

This is exactly why i HATE tight clothes. I remember a few years ago i was arguing with a girl in my class who ALWAYS wore tight clothes and her boobs were like all over the place. And no guys its not sexy because she smelled..and sexy girls who smell are NOT sexy. Anyway i was arguing with her over how baggy clothes are better than tight clothes. Because it's easier to move around, you don't have to be conscious of yourself. She pretty much said i was wrong blah blah. But the other day i am once again sure that baggy clothes are god.

I was wearing a PRETTY tight shirt one day. I was sitting with my friend and we were staring at this guy we hated. So when we stood up she pointed at my shirt me being stupid didn't look down but said "what?" she said "fix your shirt" i looked down and said "oh shit" a button was open and my bra was showing, another reason why i hate tight clothes.

But that wasn't what she was pointing at, i looked down again and screamed my shirt had rolled up my stomach and made sort of a half shirt. I pulled it down. We walked in silence then my friend whispered about the guy "i bet you just gave him a few fantasys" of course we laughed i shoved her but i'm never wearing that shirt again. At least not without a sweater.

I'm SO pissed! that picture below i drew for a art contest to win 10 comic con tickets. but how the FUCK are you supposed to compete with flash artists? it's bullshit! this wasn't even the best pic i made, they only let you submit one every 24 hours and this was my worst pic argh i'm fucking pissed i have to wait till next year till i can try again!

Baggy shirts FOREVER!

My grandma is now dead

2008-06-08 16:46:08 by Sawke

My mom just called and said my grandma died. She looked at my mom gave one last breath and died. Talk about scary...The sibling rivalry between my mom and her sisters is going to explode. They already think she's the favorite..shit...i'm pretty sure my families going to collapse. When the eldest dies everything changes. My dads side wasn't as bad. Everyone just stopped talking well...just my dad stopped talking to his family so i did too.

I didn't see them unless he drove to see them. And no one calls...My grandma on my dads side kept everyone together. Now nothing...haven't heard from them in years. It won't be the same for my moms side...but it's family will still talk..but because my grandma lived in a third world....her stuff..well it's up for stealing from anyone. I mean ANYONE. People can just walk up in there and steal. No one can do anything. There's no one to watch over the house but servants she paid...but what's gonna happen when they find out they aren't needed?

This is going to get interesting. Expect more news people.

I really wish i could feel more sad about this. But i didn't know her that well...there was nothing between us. I don't have a devasting pain because in order to have that you need memorys to haunt you, and i have none of her. I am sorry though don't get me wrong. But not as sorry as i should be. Not as sorry as i would feel if it were my dad...or my sister...their the only two people who make me feel like i exist. No emo haha. Just sayin being the youngest isn't easy. Oh grandma lived a full life. 92. That's something to smile about not cry over. I was kinda hoping she'd live to 120 break a record. ^^j can't always get what you want.

To lighten the mood! my dad telling me she's gone

"well..she's gone.."




"no! She's GONE"

"you're cooking corn for dinner?"

Lol my family likes to scream at eachother from down the staircase and through doors.


My grandma has a few hours left.

2008-06-04 20:12:08 by Sawke grandmas dying...she's 92...she's someone i expected to live forever...i dunno...i can't imagine her being gone. I mean...i'm not close to her...because we can't speak the same language so if i ever did speak to her when i was little...and i vaguely remember doing so...i probably just babbled without realizing that she couldn't speak english.

Still she's family...and when i go to her country to visit's like...she's the most important part...the house she runs there holds everything together...i always remember hearing her voice above all others. It'll be very empty without fact i dont know how the house CAN run without her.

So she has a tumor on her colon...then she just had a pus got in to her she has barely any hours left. Oh my god. I'm actually really glad i recorded her voice last time i was with her...which was hard because she was so quiet and croaky...I'm glad i got to see her once more ^^. It's going to be an explosion from my mom when she does go...ay duck for cover everyone.

Pressures of Sex!

2008-05-27 17:03:03 by Sawke

This friend of mine a guy keeps pressuring me to have sex. Not with him lol, i'm not asian,white,or skinny enough to fit his interests. Anyway he kept started braggin about sex as if i'd be interested and i was like "I'm a virgin remember?" you know my excuse to get him to stfu! he said "oh should have sex it's GREAT! do it and you'll thank me!" ya...riiiight.

I don't want sex at least not with just any old person....but still he persists saying how great it is and how i'm missing out. To him i should just fuck any person and get it over with. WHY? is it so horrible that i might actually want someone i LIKE with me? why the hell would i want a sweaty, moaning stranger sliding all up in them with a dirty ass cock? why not someone i have a CONNECTION with? ouuuu scary and new! i must be a REBEL! sex is overrated. If all it is, is about enjoying yourself...then why can't NG be as good as sex? or a piece of cake at night? or...OUU WALKING IN TO A AIR CONDITIONED ROOM ON A REALLY HOT DAY! all those things make me happy....and if all sex does is make you happy then why can't i have a substitute!?

Its too damn hot to even be thinking about sex. Summer time no one touches me...fuckin hot people.

This character name is Claire ^^. In case you can't tell the green things are smiley faces.....ZOMBIE SMILEYS! ZOMFG RUN!

By the way this picture is for the only guy i know who you are!

Daniel Radcliffe DOES go on NG right?

j/k <3

Pressures of Sex!


2008-05-22 17:23:33 by Sawke

Arent they great? i have one ^^ I choose my crushes carefully! i don't know why..i guess i'm always overthinking. Brain first, emotions second. Here's mainly how i know i like a guy. I also do all this when im nervous!

I'm willing to do anything for him
I can't stop thinking about him
I get overly excited when he's around
I cant stop talking
trying to get as close as possible
praying to god he thinks i'm some what attractive.
sweet personality
Tighter clothes

Usually after all of luck in hell XD! that's when i go back to myself.

Sarcastic and rolling eyes
Cracking jokes and punching his arm

Nom Noming on snacks, one time i left a whole bagel hanging out my mouth looking for something and my guy friends were staring. I pulled it out and said "what? haven't you seen a lady before?"

Baggy Clothes
still can't stop talking
not minding being close but will lol and shove him if he says anything pervy!

My pics name is Dante...i immediately regretted naming him that...he looks like a Damien right? Diego? Dax? lol something with a D. Took me a lot of time and markers. You can't see it but his eyes are pink lmao! would you believe this started as a girl? Diedre would have been a good name for her ^^



2008-05-15 05:21:29 by Sawke

I am so fucking pissed off. First off i failed science so i caught a LOT of shit from my dad. But that's not my real problem. That is just one. I was in class and one of my old english teachers said "hey i saw your paper...and it was SHIT" HA fucking HA.

This normally wouldn't bother me but everyones reaction was embarassing. People bust out laughing....but what made me pissed was my "friend" who pointed and laughed REALLY know those people who take things overboard?

ugh...yaaa him. So i just sat and took it. I tried to explain to the teacher why i was having issues, still annoyed at what he said. HERE is where i snapped. My other friend was like "ya our teacher said she just explains things and doesn't go in to detail."

I was really pissed i said "ALRIGHT it was ONE bad paper, the only one i failed all year!"

so my friend said "ya well clearly it's bothering you"

i said "I already KNOW what i did wrong so i wish people would get OFF my back"

seriously! wtf! i already caught shit from my dad i don't need to here two MORE irrelevent people insulting me.

My old english teacher is my OLD english i don't know what in the power of fuck my current teacher is doing going to him. He already MARKED my paper and told me how to change it! so why is he running to my old teacher to fucking laugh?

and my little know it all friend...she has nothing to do with anything! the teacher told her about my issue in writing like 4 months ago! and she still thinks im doing the same thing!

My fucking quote for the day is "get off my back"

Yes there are people who want to help. But there's a good way to do it, and a bad way. So far the only thing anyone has done for me is put me down.

I think im running out of art to show you guys lmao! This guy doesn't have a name...i dunno...i guess i haven't any ideas for him. hm...well i definately am in love with the shading. I work really hard. I thought the fucked up the hair...but it started to grow on me.


Who cares about virgins?

2008-05-11 14:56:41 by Sawke

I don't think anyone cares about virgins...and PURITY...what does a guy care about...a slutty girl...or a girl who's never been touched? i mean...i dunno it seems like at least TEEN boys would opt for the first one. I guess it also has to do with the feelings you have for that person...if a girl you really loved was also really slutty and had many guys before you...wouldn't that bother you? like while you're having sex...she's COMPARING you....that sounds awful. At least with a virgin....she may not know what to do...but hey at least there's no comparing...and just the fact that no one but you gets her...that's something to be proud about right?

I also notice...that for guys to be virgins is less ok than it is for girls to be. That sucks...makes me glad im not a man. Men seem to have to take all the pressure when it comes to relationships...or at least beginning them. You's normally expected for a GUY to ask the girl out, kiss her first, be the one who knows what he's doing in sex, so on, it sounds like a lot of work...if i was a male i wouldn't be able to handle it.

I'm too shy. I feel sorry for you guys. That's why i try to be as nice as possible if i reject a guy...i mean there's no REALLY good way to do it...but it's better to say "no sorry..." than "UGH YOU FREAK!" i really hate when girls are cruel to guys. I had one rejection and i lost total confidence...i really respect the people who can get back on their feet and find courage.

Even though i love him...i can't think of a name for him. So lets call him Mr X.

This was actually a mess up...i almost threw it out. The mouth was a slip of the fingers....but it doesn't look so bad ^^

Who cares about virgins?