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I can't believe i was so some of you may or may not know..i had a crush on a guy a while back...he was nice and funny, but as time went on he started getting dickish..and blaming me for things. I had a lot of patience with him but when he said to his friend that he had sex with me, that made me tell him to fuck off and i refused to talk with him again even though he tried to talk to me, i don't like being used, i'm just so suprised when classmates asked me over, and over, if we liked eachother because we sat next to eachother all the time, i didn't realize we were together THAT often.

This is the first time any guy has ever done anything so disgusting to me, to go as far as to tell someone he had sex with me...ugh...i just miss him as a friend, but he wasn't much of a friend either, self centered, rude, ignoring, i'm not entirely sure WHAT i miss lol. I just know being his friend hurts too much.

Corn abuse

2009-09-13 09:28:07 by Sawke

Corn sex is outlawed in 49 states...i wont say which is the 50th because that will spread more people flocking to it's deviant land...but by posting in this topic you help America by making corn sex illegal in all 50 states! these two recent offenders were caught in the act UGH GOD MAKES ME SICK....with people like these it's not worth seeing the human race go another damn day.

Corn abuse


2009-09-13 08:33:13 by Sawke

SON OF A SKANK!! i need to print out my college essays and for SOME reason my usb will work on my computers but not my dads computer that can print. ARGH! i NEEEED TO PRINT AND I CANT PRINT FROM MY LAPTOP OR MY COMPUTER BECAUSE COMPUTERS HATE ME!! so THIS is my college essay read it or dont im going to delete this as soon as i print the damned thing anyways.

September 14, 2009

Frank Roth Foundation Painting Homework # 1

Art has always been interesting to me because I see it as a stress reliever. I was originally interested in fine arts but as I became more interested in sequential art I chose cartooning , I enjoy telling stories as much as I love drawing so cartooning has become a natural fit for me. The type of work that influences me isn't comics but impressionistic art, this style has developed my own abilities because it's about thinking and
seeing differently.

Impressionistic art was based on moving away from the normal realistic style and attempting to see art and the world in a different light , I want to do this as well, I want to think as far out the box as I can and allow myself and others to see more than what they are accustomed to. The artists in history who have inspired me the most are Salvador Dali, Piet Mondrian, and Ray Johnson., and Paul Cezanne. These particular artists I especially admire because they of their dedication to their art, eccentric personalities, and
Their ways of seeing things are almost riddle like.

I especially admire Ray Johnson, because of the things he said and the work he created he created a world of his own the as much as others would try to understand such as his art, and himself, it was almost an impossible task. My favorite media to use is ink, although it gets messy I enjoy the freeness I have with it and it's many benefits for cartooning, as well as the training my hand gets by learning to keep steady when inking which is beneficial when working with painting and other styles.

I have many ideas I want to express, but my ideas in painting and drawing are different from the ideas I want to express in comics. I like drama and tragedy, which is what my art occasionally centers around and my paintings often come out as what some may consider depressing I find mysterious, a melancholic picture touches me more than a lighthearted one because I find myself thinking much easier what a person could be
sad about, rather than happy, and so stories begin to form in my head, this leads me to create comics, I'd also like to create art based on history or a book, this is because as interesting as a book may be, sometimes people feel even closer to a story when they see a visual adaptation, I would like to someday make adaptations of classic novels, and even operas in hopes that youth can gain a knowledge on the classics.

I know that by being in this class I'll be able to use the skills I've learned to better myself in cartooning. By being in painting I'll have a more acute sense of detail and deeper understanding of perspective, above all else my patience will be tested and hopefully improved, oil painting is especially about patience so that the end results in perfection. I don't believe my dedication will wither because I have been waiting for a proper art instruction for years and never before have I felt challenged, I'm more grateful than anything to be in a school where I can gain as much as I'm willing to learn and I feel as if my will to learn is unlimited.

Know when your feet gets numb?

2009-09-12 17:13:57 by Sawke

mmmmm my feet are tingly and numb right now...and AH DUN CARE!!

Know when your feet gets numb?

As i think back to the most stressful years of my life...and believe me i've had some strange ones in my short life span...i'm realizing i was more insane than i ever realized...and that insanity could probably get reached again whenever i start to feel pressured.

The funny thing is...that when i did the crazy shit i did i had no idea it was crazy. It's kinda like...when you're younger you don't understand why anyone would want to be with the opposite sex because they're "icky" but when you get older it just makes sense you're like "OH THATS WHY!!" that's what happend with me...i just realized i was and maybe still am a little insane...and i've just been supressing the insanity.

When i was thirteen this guy got in to an argument with me, i don't even remember what it was about, at one point i just screamed at him like a monkey just a loud "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" and everyone in the class was like "WHAT THE FUCK!" the teacher asked if i was ok and i didn't realize what i did was completely retarded...i thought it was funny as well as totally normal. Now 5 years later it's just occured to me why the hell everyone was looking at me like i was going to take off my clothes and scratch myself! but i'm an artist so it's probably a wise career move to be insane lol.

In highschool i was considered a weird kid who dressed like a goth lol. When i went to college a girl said i didnt look like a cartoonist becuase i was dressed to fashionably!!!! holy shit!! i don't even make the weirdness level! i dont know if i should be upset because yet again i look out of place or should i be happy that im not the weirdest looking thing in the room anymore!!


2009-08-26 09:35:53 by Sawke




Are you a geek?

2009-08-15 03:48:57 by Sawke

Whats so geeky about you? and how deep in to your interests are you?

I love comic books i'm not in to superhero comics though, more like normal story ones, i'm also a GIANT anime fan, i've seen more than 20 of them. I also have a few mangas but i dont like to waste money so i dont buy them often.

Im a crazy movie freak, i love movies, but action just doesn't interest me that much, i love old 30s movies and comedys. I dont collect them but believe me i've seen A LOT of them.

I know a lot about science and art, i'm really in to things about blackholes and theorys about the universe. And i know a lot about art history, both excite and interest me. I desperately want a tshirt that shows the milky way and a arrow pointing to our solar system showing "you are here" damn i want it but it's hard to find.


2009-08-07 16:38:42 by Sawke