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Guy shoots up gym cuz of no gf

2009-08-06 19:57:22 by Sawke

Jeeze...i didn't think anyone could go crazy to the point of killing others just because they don't have a gf. I get a little down now and again, but it's not as if i'd be a GOOD gf anyways. I'd probably tell him to fuck off and stop calling me. I hate when people call me unless it's to go out somewhere. Seriously though...why do people get sooo desperate for affection. What is it in us that make us feel the need to have someone make us feel worthy? and are the people who don't want a relationship with anyone arrogant...because they feel they are better off alone? or are they afraid? both? what's your thought?

sOOO what are your hobbies?

2009-08-05 08:39:56 by Sawke

We should all know about eachother because none of us have anything better to do. I like:

To walk
Watch Movies,Tv,and Anime
read books, mostly fantasy and psychology
Forensic Science
Earth Science
and trying but failing horribly at video games lol.

Beauty is only skin deep

2009-07-26 08:38:05 by Sawke

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Sometimes i get really upset when guys show preference over my friend than me. But i know that her personality is really horrible, she's manipulative and sarcastic, and she says dumb things like "is this chinese...or haitian?" when i we ate at a haitian restaurant.

She's haitian and she had a haitian menu and haitian music was playing. I dont mean to be arrogant but sometimes it's better that we all remind ourselves when we see a beautiful person walking down the street that beauty is only skin deep. And that looks can always be matched with a personality. A kind heart, smile, laugh, sense of humor, beats a model. Of course im not saying that all beautiful people are assholes. But so often in society we are swayed by beauty that we cloud our judgement.

Now you may be saying "you're a probably fall for looks" thats right my breath stops when i see a perfect face and eyes. But more often than not my interest in that person vanishes because of their self absorbed attitude, or their overconfidence. I was raised to look beyond the face. And im greatful for that...because now when i see a hot guy i know is a dick i feel total disgust, and not the slightest bit attraction.

Why does everyone want lies?

2009-07-21 21:38:03 by Sawke

I am very honest. And this is why so many people hate me. I dont tell things to people to make them happy. If they tell me an idea i give them my honest opinion, if i hate it i say why, if i like it then that should mean even more because i think theres no downpoint to it.

I'm not going to support something that sounds like it'll fail. If people want me to just fucking agree with them then they should either not tell me at all, or tell me to say "sounds great!", i try not to throw in my opinion where it is not asked for, but you know we all have big mouths and it happens, but if im asked a question i will give an answer damned the consequences.

Dont ask a question you don't want a answer to! I'm not a cynic or a pessimist but if something sounds like a bad idea i will usually say it is! but from now on i think i'll start off my criticisms like "well this sounds good ...and as well as that...but the main problem is -" instead of going off in to a rant as to why the idea is bad. Maybe that'll get optimists to stfu!

The Doggy Poo MOVIE!

2009-07-19 05:15:49 by Sawke

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Oh yes it's fucking real and i LOVE IT!!! Doggy Poo...i love you...

Brand New Oil Painting i made!

2009-07-17 23:59:13 by Sawke

NEW PAINTING! read about it's meaning by clicking on the same picture below this one. Rate please!! ke/the-stolen-dreamer

Brand New Oil Painting i made!

Revenge how often do you get it?

2009-07-16 14:35:32 by Sawke

I don't often get my chance at sweet revenge. I'm neither clever or brave enough to get back at someone. But when the odds are in my favor, it would be stupid NOT to take the chance when its so graciously given. I had a friend talk shit about me for a long time. MMMM.....the best part was no one believed. One by one all our friends stuck with me save for 2 assholes. she's left alone, her only friends who gave her a reason to go to school were gone, now she's an ungraduated lonely mess. Life is good. I just love LOVE it when things go my way, it's like a delicious dessert you havent had in a long time. Giving someone a taste of their own medicine is fine stuff indeed.

I hate names

2009-07-15 21:49:44 by Sawke

I find names to be so useless. They're never used THAT much. I understand its used to distinguish people. But still in social situations i find them barely ever said. Most people when they come to me dont say my name they just say hi and i know who they are talking to, or if someone asks me a question i know who they are talking to still without having to even look. My name is used so rarely it sounds odd to HEAR my name because of how little its used. Meh.

If someone jizzed in your face...

2009-07-12 14:06:49 by Sawke

then ran away and you couldnt catch them what would be your reaction?


2009-06-16 06:18:40 by Sawke

So i didn't want to go to prom because it was too much money for a being around people i don't even like and the prom place was way too far to make it worth it. So everyone looked down on me and treated me like an asshole because i just wanted to save 70$ turns out two kids at the prom had swine flu :D now the people who went are more likely to have caught it. Ah the universe rewards those who don't give in to others demands ^^