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2008-03-04 18:22:19 by Sawke



I've never been in a relationship

2008-02-08 20:04:06 by Sawke

But from what i's a bit overrated. I mean there's a nice time of love and comfort...but people so often get sick of eachother. It's a bit sad. The funny thing about love is that you want so bad to be with another person...then when you have your time of realize that person is fucking annoying...then comes the heartbreak...oh well. I'm just speculating based on what i've seen people do in their relationships.

Nothing is sadder than people in a relationship who don't want to admit it's over. They look at other people and feel attraction to others ALL the it's no big deal. They can't admit it's over...they just drag out the relationship so much longer than it should be.

I probably won't know what their reasoning for doing crazy things in a relationship is till i'm actually able to go through it myself. I just hope i'm a bit more sensible. i probably won't be. Love makes us all unwilling idiots. You can't love someone without taking the risk of looking like a damn fool. Whether or not you have been changed for better or worse. Someones bound to stare.

Life isn't long enough for love and art.
W. Somerset Maugham

how long this took me? two friggin hours.

I've never been in a relationship

I am cynical

2008-02-02 19:42:48 by Sawke

A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.
H. L. Mencken (1880 - 1956)

This guy is so right it's scary. I guess this is why I can't get along with idealists....and optimists. only realists and cynics. It's because i have a dark view on the world. I don't think everything is BAD....i don't know..i guess i can't see happiness first. My first thought is always "how is this going to get screwed up" when something good sounding comes along...i think that way because normally it happens.

At times i like seeing things as they really are and not in the obstructed view of my own feelings, and other times i wish i didn't see what's actually there, i don't like seeing the REALITY because frankly reality is quite ugly.

Sometimes i want to ignore the truth, but i can't that's not me, i wanted to ignore the fact my friends father called me a N**** and keep going over to his house...but i'm not idealist would keep going over assuming it'd be ok as long as the father isn't there...but i know better.

I'm way too bitter. I guess i must like it that way....if i'm not actually doing anything about it. Lol you wanna know something sick? whenever i smell roses the first thing i think of IS a funeral.

On a side note. My characters name is D-toX she's a cyborg/human assassin and oh so pretty. I wish i was a cyborg. Then i could blow up stuff.

I am cynical

Brand spankin new

2008-01-27 11:54:57 by Sawke

Hiyoo! lol this is the first watercolor picture i have done that i actually TRIED at. I'm taking art classes at a art college! it's really fun...there's this kinda weird girl in my class...she kept staring at was a bit annoying.

We had a nude model on the first day i was kinda suprised, but i like how nice my teacher is. He was so dissapointed when i accidently made a crap drawing. SHIT! now he has high expectations of me...i hate when people do that lmao. Ok so i just drew this, this took me about one episode of malcolm in the i'd say 22 mins. Let me know what you think.

His name is Steven Hawke he's a army pilot. Don't ask me why i name my drawings...the name just sounds so bad ass.

Brand spankin new

Final and complete VERSION!

2008-01-21 17:12:36 by Sawke

So this is the last and final drawing! you've seen my whole drawing process up to the final colored draft. What do you think?

I think i'll name him adrian lol.

Final and complete VERSION!

Friggity Fresh

2008-01-06 15:49:42 by Sawke

Friggity fresh yo! i've got the skillz and ta give ya CHILLZ!!! lul ok no. Anyway ignore the shoes i went half way with this pic so it still needs to be inked...ehm then i guess i'll color it in. I think i'll show you all my drawing process and next post will be the same pic just inked then the one after will be fully colored. Ya so opinions?

Friggity Fresh

My drawing of a orphan

2008-01-05 07:40:51 by Sawke

I drew this when i was 13. I thought that since you all really like the last pic i posted i should show another. I suprisingly don't have a lot of pictures drawn on computer's weird because i feel like i do...oh well i hunt down some more of my pics to post for you all here.

My drawing of a orphan


2007-12-24 18:14:28 by Sawke

Teens in my schol are gettting abortions! nothing like a dead fetus to ruin christmas right?

Getting off the topic of dead fetuses! what'd you all get for christmas? oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HOLIDAYS FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON'T LIKE TO PRETEND THAT YOUR MESIAH WAS BORN ON A DAY THAT THE CHURCH MADE UP ^^

I'm not religious i just find it stupid that people say that christmas is to celebrate jesus, when it was really made to compete with the pagans. If you get past all the superficial crap christmas has to offer then MAYBE you can see the true meaning...maybe....BUT HEY WHO CARES ABOUT RELIGION WHEN YOU CAN BUY BUY BUY!

Anywho what'd you all get?

I got:

sharktooth necklace (thats not jewlery that's bad ass)
Tshirts! my favorite one says..

"They say i have ADD but they don't understand Oh look a chicken!"

Harry Potter 5

MOOOOONEEY!!! thank you big bro

Hair dryer

then stuff stuff and other stuff.

People are getting way to lax with drugs

2007-12-12 18:49:50 by Sawke

People are getting way to comfortable with drugs.It seems like cops aren't doing much to stop it anymore.I was sitting on a train and a guy was rolling blunt after blunt.Unbelieveable. I don't think he should be arrested arrogant do you have to be to do that in public, or rather how bad does the law enforcement suck that you can do it anywhere.

I dunno i think as long as the drug doesn't make you kill it should be ok....but i dunno what does what to you. I need my braincells and i have better things to do than smoke lol. Well not really but i'll let you guys know when i run out of movies to watch.Then i guess i'll roll one.

People are getting way to lax with drugs

Plastic surgery is stupid.

2007-12-07 07:12:13 by Sawke

Plastic surgery should only be done when it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Like if you're a burn victim, or your boobs are so big you have back problems then it's ok. But if you think you need plastic surgery to change every portion of your body then what you need is a therapist NOT a operating table.

It's funny how woman get plastic surgery for better boobs so they can attract men. From what i've seen men like looking at them but once they touch them feel like shit. You can't make boobs as good as the originals.

It's disgusting cutting your skin just to get some attention. I fucking hate the people who advocate that if you're beautiful life is better.Ok no. Beauty doesn't last forever it fades FAST.People who try to conserve their beauty at such a oldass age look freakish.This is the perfect example.

Plastic surgery is stupid.