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Bury me already

2008-12-15 07:05:02 by Sawke

I explained to my parents that i don't want to go to prom. For one thing none of my friends are in to it so why go to something if i'll be alone or with classmates i barely speak to and i'll cry if my family thinks i'm dating. I'm not. but this one guy asked me out. if anyone in my family knew that it'd be hell. "omg our little girls all grown up blah blah" It's always been that way. I was too young to date so i wasn't that i can everyone will tease me about it, either way i don't care i'm not interested in anyone nor have i ever been. If it so happend that i DO find someone he'll be a secret.

If my daughter ever wanted to date she'd have to be 13 and it could only be on a weekend. Id also have to meet him first. I think my parents are too strict in saying i couldnt date the guy that asked me out when i was 13. Girls should be trusted. If a guy in my family can date at 13 why not a girl? it's not fair.

It's also really embarrassing that my mom makes hints that i should my cousins girlfriend has a brother who's 19 my mom said "HEY! there you go just for you" i met him..he was pretty cute...but his personality was infuriating. Looks and personality for me are two very separate and not equally important things.

Bury me already ttractive-qualities-women-look-for-in-

Anybody seen this? i'm going to give my take on this.

1) sense of humor is important i agree...but honestly...there's a fine line between a sense of humor and immaturity. I like a guy who can make me laugh i can make laugh...but i respect him more when he understands when i need him to be serious.

2) Trustworthy

this DOES take a long time to build. This is why i prefer to be friends with guys first and i'm always proven just how untrustworthy they are. Not ALL mind you...just the ones i thought were good! it's best to wait for the trust to build...and if at a certain point it doesn't build...then clearly dating isn't a option.

3) Kindness

This is admirable...but to a point...some guys can be TOO kind and it gets annoying or suspicious. I LIKE when im asked what's wrong when i come in depressed. But if i'm asked what's wrong when i'm angry it PISSES me off. Stay the FUCK out of my way when i'm angry.

No i'm not being bitchy. if you are irritable like me...and rant to yourself about WHY you are angry..HOW FUCKING ASININE IS IT FOR A PERSON TO ASK YOU WHY YOU ARE ANGRY!!?! CAN'T YOU HEAR ME BITCHING?...honestly...don't ask me what's wrong...just stay out of my way when i'm angry. I'm angry because i'm angry talking about my FEELINGS won't make me any less annoyed.

9 attractive qualities women look for in a guy! pt 1

Blondes and Brunettes

2008-12-08 05:44:38 by Sawke

What is a blonde's mating call?
"I'm sooooo drunk!"

What is the brunette's mating call?
"Have the blondes left yet?"

This is sooo retarded. Why do people enjoy stereotypes! being a blonde or a brunette has nothing to do with personality. Obviously society enjoys people with blonde hair so OF COURSE the girl with the blonde hair will enjoy attention more than the brunette. I fucking HATE those who only date people as long as they have their preference of hair or eye color. I wanted so bad to punch the shit out of some of the guys who ignored me once they found girls with a more interesting eye or hair color.

REALLY? is that ALL it takes for people to lose interest in someone they get along with? a fucking different shade? *stab stabs idiot shallow idiots* I'm glad my hair is purple that gives people time to think about me,,,instead of just assuming i'm smart, prudish...or whatever the dumb fucking stereotypes for brunettes are.


2008-12-06 06:09:18 by Sawke

*clings to desk for dear life* I DONT WANNA GOOOO NO FUKING NOOOO!

*sobs* someone give me a prayer...or a cheatsheet dammit.



2008-12-05 07:34:15 by Sawke


I got the twilight book :D shush i love romance

i got an electronic dictionary

A caligula dvd box set!


clothes for school

and that's it! i'm so happy! i didn't get EVERYTHING i wanted but that's ok. Christmas is REALLY soon and i save up my money so i have 55$ to buy whatever box set i want. plus my bros giving me money! so that'll be 105 at the end of the day! my friends are giving me stuff too i think...

My bdays on dec 5th!?

2008-12-02 16:42:53 by Sawke

I fucking forgot my birthday...just yesterday i realized " birthdays at the end of the week" i have ALWAYS counted down to my bday starting from at LEAST 30 days before....i have never not thought about it until the last's weird. My mom asked me for a bday list a week ago so i go my present ideas in!

i can't remember some but what i want most is avatar season 2 and a electronic dictionary!

<3 how old are you all turning this year?

I know this is kinda lame but i thought it looked pretty when i messed with the colors in my pic. Sigh...i really should get a hobby.

My bdays on dec 5th!?

Thanksgiving Prayer Tradition

2008-11-27 18:51:39 by Sawke

Every year it is a tradition for my mom to say "now it's time for the youngest to say a prayer" she looks at me and demands for me to say a prayer and everytime i say no. The first time i said it was because i was shy...i was about 3...and i also couldn't remember the prayer i learned in church that my mom wanted me to say so i refused to say anything and insisted my older cousin could much better give a prayer...after that i always passed the job on to him.

My cousins not here for thanksgiving anymore..he moved. Now i say no because i'm not sure if there's a god or not...that and because im shy still i can't think on the spot. I don't think it's right for someone who isn't sure if there is a god or not to be praying, i can't explain properly why it didn't feel just didn't. So my mom threatened "we won't eat until you say something" this year she was especially insistent...i shrugged and looked at my starving dad and said that was HIS problem...i'm never that hungry during thanksgiving for some reason...i guess nothing on the table really appetizes me.

It's not like i'm spoiled enough not to give thanks. I'm thankful all the time...sometimes i look around and think "i really don't deserve this...i'm so lucky" it bothers me that people are only expressing their thanks once a year and force it as well just to get to the food. Thanksgiving means nothing to me...i especially don't see it as a relgious holiday so WHY my mom puts pressure on me to pray every year i'll never know...i remember once expressing clear to my mom my views on religion...i guess she wasn't listening. If she was she wouldn't force me to pray.

In the end my dad gave in and said the prayer lol. It was funny because he was like "let us bless this food" then my mom cut him off "No GOD blesses the food" "do you want me to say the prayer or NOT?"

and well it continued on from there lol. It was an ok thanksgiving it passed in a i said i don't care...and every year it matters less.

NOTE: my dads not relgious...he's like me...agnostic...he just wanted food...and has no morals when it comes to saying prayers even if he doesn't mean them.


2008-11-23 16:33:44 by Sawke

So i've been in a comic class at a college making my own comic and learning all about how to do certain techniques! i can gladly say that my teacher said my work looked professional and i did a great job! i'm so happy! so here is the cover page and first page of my comic called "Mannequin"! the rest is in my art thread! 3365/3


Timid people are fun!

2008-11-19 15:04:01 by Sawke

I like messing with timid people! i shouldn't do this because this guy likes me...but his reaction was WORTH it. I pointed at him, smiled, and winked his face was priceless. He turned his eyes to the side and fidgeted looking VERY awkward and uncomfortable.

I screamed "i have made you uncomfortable! my goal is complete" i can't help it he's so weird it's fun to tease him. Before i knew he liked me i chased him around screaming "why are you keeping me at an emotional distance? LOVE ME LOOOOVE ME!" i chased him around the hallways it was fun...until he confessed to me...stupid boys and their emotions ruin my if i run around screaming i love him he'll take it seriously...fuck.

Well i didn't like treat him unkindly...he kinda hinted it to well as mouthed it to me in class...and i just pretended to ignore it and play dumb. Which is better for me because he treats the girls that reject him like shit...and the last thing i need is to go to court for beating him senseless.
Guys are pretty hard to interpret...i don't know why they think they aren't he treats me like crap sometimes...other times like a princess....pretty hard to read if you ask me.

This is me as a kid! ain't i a cute little shit?

Hands on keyboard pedos!

Timid people are fun!

Does anyone dye their hair?

2008-11-18 16:12:30 by Sawke

I'm going to dye my hair lavender...just the front and some streaks. Whiich will actually look pretty cool with my complexion! ^^ it's kinda crazy how many people are dying their hair a shit load of girls in my school dyed their hair either red of old colors..bleugh i don't want to look like them! pretty lavender for me! i'll post a pic once i get it done...but that won't be for a little while.

Btw..i got avatar season 1 on dvd! i'm so happy! i originally went to the store to get death note it came out today and now it's sold out! argh wtf! i want my death noooote!

Does anyone dye their hair?