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Kill a Person!!!

2009-05-11 17:52:50 by Sawke

Is it better to kill a person because they are a filthy asshole? would killing make that easier for you or would you still not be able to do it even if they are the scum of the earth?

i think it'd be easier for me to kill as long as i dont know who they are. Of course if it's a child or a old person thats harder...i'd just naturally assume they are good.

When is it ok to hit a Woman?

2009-05-02 15:07:50 by Sawke

In my Health Class my teacher said that it's NEVER ok to hit a woman...but there's got to be SOME point when it's acceptable...what so if she tied you down and beat you senseless...even after you got free you'd STILL refuse to hit her in retaliation as defense? that seems...stupid. Or if she's attacking someone you love it's not ok? if women can hit men with a slap when they get cheated on i think men deserve the right to slap a woman if she cheat...just not so hard that she falls to the ground that would be very unnecessary.

When is it ok to hit a Woman?

Don't be afraid!

2009-04-30 19:38:47 by Sawke

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It's sad how often people let their fears control them. I am terrified of pidgeons, i run away from them when i see them because i don't want crap on my head, i'm scared of dogs because i've been attacked by one TWICE argh, and i hate the dark. I love night time though it's just stumbling around in the dark scares me because i never know what bugs or mice could be crawling around my house.

Here's something not so scary lol!

I'm terrified of ghosts!

2009-04-28 03:28:26 by Sawke

I definately believe in them, and you cant'really believe in them until you experience a situation that you cant explain logically. A part of me wants to see them, but another part of me knows that if i saw a ghost walking toward me in the night i'd be too terrified to react. Here's what happend to me once, and if you can come to any other conclusion than ghost please let me know:

I was laying in bed listening to music wide awake, i never fall assleep with my music on, then i feel my covers from my shoulder being slowly pulled over and i have my eyes closed thinking "ugh what is my mom doing?" because my mom changed me when i was younger and she was the only other person awake in the house.

So i turned around to ask what she was doing, and nothing was there. Now let me say that the cover was a comforter very heavy, it was winter and the windows were closed. When i saw nothing there i ran practically crying, banging on the bathroom dooor my mom was in screaming, she came out looked around the room, and i'm not sure if she believed me or not. i showed her how the cover was pulled, and she i dunno...didnt' do much, she looked under the bed and then left.

And also no it wasn't a animal because obviously i would have felt that kind of weight crawl to my shoulder and jerk my cover back. SO! explain why a heavy comforter would be pulled back with no other person in the room. If you can't think of any other answers that leaves one conclusion.


2009-04-18 22:59:18 by Sawke

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I love funny commercials! if people could make commercials funny more often id be buying a LOT more products!


2009-04-16 02:41:49 by Sawke

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From our cold dead hands will you take the alamo!! haven't you heard? the British are teaming up with the Mexicans to take back the Alamo more than a century later! so let's hold a tea party there so they will jump in to the waters as they try to salvage their precious tea but drown instead...yaaa.

lol actually the truth of what is really happening is just as stupid. People all over the country are holding "tea parties" to protest the new HELPFUL taxes that Obama has created out of his stimulus. As the lovely lady in the vid points out. Problem is that recession puts a lot of stress for people on Tax day. But these idiots think that dumping tea...will make a difference.

Dumping the tea is just a message they are sending "BOO taxes" ya we got that...but when it was done prior to the revolutionary war it was because people didn't like that they were getting taxed extra for tea without prior notice "taxation without representation" and you know what...people are having the same reactions now as they did then. Some are saying "Shut the fuck up you retards" others are saying "AWESOME!" i just find this all a hilarious bumfuck to history, and a war really will be started if the British find out what we've been doing to their tea....dear god even worse...THE CHINESE! OMG THE CHINESE WILL ATTACK THE ALAMO! NOOOO!

Hey peeps whats your ethnicity?

2009-04-11 07:11:50 by Sawke

I'm Italian Haitian. I don't know much about my Italian side because none of them talk to eachother, i saw my aunt a few months ago. I don't have much a connection with her. It sucks...i really want to know about my background, but there's not much to know. My dad just keeps telling me there's nothing that's needed to know. But i feel like i missed so much...i just found out my aunt has a son i never met...i only met her daughter...sometimes i feel really excluded but i don't want to press my dad for info...he's totally disinterested.

My Haitian side is opposite...i don't know ALL of my family because my mom has 6 first cousins...who have kids...and i have first cousins.My aunts..were all married before..but their husbands left or divorced. I don't know much about their marriages. I'm the youngest in the family and because all of this happend so long ago..they just figured there's no point in bringing it up. it's just really irritating to find out last that someone had a son or daughter that's a cousin i never knew.

I've never been to Italy. I have some family there, but i don't know them and i never met them. I'm annoyed. But i might be going in a few months. Haiti i've seen and been to so often that i'm totally bored by it. Its a third world and i go insane with the lack of electricity and mosquitos. The only thing that makes me happy is hearing the music, i'm not a HUGE fan of it. But when i hear it, it makes me nostalgic, and if you get a few beers in me i will definately dance at the club. I don't want to go back though...other than a few good things i really don't want to go back. But if i get married i'd want my husband to enjoy it at least.

Why do people lie?

2009-03-05 16:51:02 by Sawke

I know why people lie...but why do they make HUGE LIES!?! i can't understand...i've never fabricated a story that was so outrageous that i had to keep straight what i say. What irritates me more is that people tell me the CRAZIEST shit and for some reason i stupidly believe them...or at least not call them out on their BS!

A boy told me he was having a Super Sweet 16 party and MTV would be there with Rhianna singing...and he would have a white suit and cane....despite the fact his clothes are....not that fancy for someone with "a lot" of money.

A black girl told me she was a japanese ninja assassin. I actually believe this girl was half japanese...but i DEFINATELY was not dumb enough to believe the ninja assassin shit...and that she got SHOT pfft..yaa.

A guy told a friend he had sex with me then he told me he was being sarcastic even though the guy asked him twice if he was serious about doing it with me and the guy knew his friend believed him. I DEFINATELY DID NOT BELIEVE THIS LIAR! but you guys know this story...

A girl told me she wasn't bi "anymore"....but she hugged me in a pool...NO that's NOT's FUCKING WEIIIRD! anyway i dunno if that was a lie but it was still freaky.

A friend told me she didn't have a lot of money but she's had a PSP 2 cellphones and 3 different MP3s in the last 3 years. That's a load of shit for someone who only has one working parent!

I know this sounds cold...but i'm getting damn SICK of everyone...maybe it's having to do with being close to the end of you ever think that when humans get close to the end of ANYTHING they feel relieved but irritated as grumpy old people closening to the end of their lives....feel like "TO HELL WITH EVERYONE!"

because that's how i feel EVERYDAY! i think the whole world is insane and the people who have come close to understanding who i am don't really get me at fact I don't get me...but i'd rather spend a day alone than with any of the aggravating people at my school or the psychos i've met through the years.

I dreamt i was a skateboarder

2009-02-18 14:01:16 by Sawke

It was amazing....i was SOOO good too. I always have fantasys of skating but honestly...i'm just so clumsy...sometimes i think i'd do a good job but i'm way too afraid that i'll fall. It'd be a waste of money to even bother with it. Shit there are tons of things i wish i could do sing, play the guitar or the drums. I kinda wish i was a musician instead of a artist.

Girl musicians get all the sexy man cock :D oh well i guess the life of a cartoonist isn't so bad either. I'm happy that i at least have a talent and i can do SOMETHING with my hands. That's more than i can say for those damn tanning whores. I wish could live near all the Ng users im friends with. After meeting Levelingup i realized how much im truly bored by my friends and how much more interesting NG users are.

I dreamt i was a skateboarder

Ok so it's probably no suprise that people make fun of me. I mean...i go to a school where everyones in to rap and say things like "he felt very gratitude toward her" oh yes that's a direct quote. So it probably comes as no suprise that someone who likes rock, loves to learn about ancient civilizations, and *dramatic pause* READS BIG BOOKS AND UNDERSTANDS THEM!, doesn't exactly become the most popular person ever!

I'm not harshly made fun of people usually leave me alone...i think in the past 4 years i've been made fun of at least...5 times least i'm aware of. I dont have enemys unless i make them purposely...i got made fun of by people who i don't even know...which seriously hurt me but also PISSED ME THE FUCK OFF.

But it doesn't bother me now when i get laughed at behind my i said something in class today and some nasty girls whispered something and someone said "that was mean" of course they were talking about's always easy to know when you are made fun's just...i felt good because they are DUUUUMB...they can't write,can't read, i doubt they have high grades since they skip a lot, and they probably have shit SAT scores too, and if all of that isn't enough to fuck them up it's their shitty shitty attitudes and social skills.

I feel SOOO much better than them because i already got accepted to a great college, while they are going to a SHIT COMMUNITY COLLEGE AHAHAHAHAHHAHA ya...i mean...i won't lie...i am hurt...but i make myself feel better at how horrible their lives will be when i'm going to be in an incredible college with a sure vision of who i want to be...and because i'm already a hardworker and used to large amounts of won't be as tough on me as it will be on them.


I can't help but feel a LITTLE superior