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Being in art school sucks

2010-09-03 12:21:52 by Sawke

At first i thought OMG ART SCHOOL AWESOME PEOPLE LIKE ME! but they're not like me :( i go to an expensive school so rich snobs go too. They wear 40$ headphones, drink starbucks and pay a lot of money to dress sloppy. It's like Yale but with ripped jeans :O they are nice people don't get me wrong. But they are also airheaded snobs. Kind enough until you get them pissed then they turn in to evil demons.

I heard several kids making fun of a mentally challenged girl, so before you ask no i do not have friends in this school. At least not last year. Hopefully i can meet new people who aren't so evil. AREN'T HIGH EXPECTATIONS FUUUN?! also my school is filled with girls. Awesome for the guys because theres about 4% more girls in the school than guys. That means in mostly any class i go to i'll be stuck with a room full of girls and maybe 3 guys. It also means theres a girl for every guy and some left over. My chances for getting a date are ziiiiiip and before you say "aw phooey" trust me the girls here are HOT and if you're a 17-24 year old guy and you have an ideal girl chances are you'll see her. Lets make one up :

Plays videogames
Likes Movies
Loves anime
Can do art (duh)
Is smart
Blonde, Redhead, Brunette, Died Hair, Mohawk (i've seen it)
Slightly overweight
Fat (that your thing?)
Black (there's about 8 in the school lol)
Class A model body (pretty much the majority of the school)

And that my friends are some of the characteristics of about the majority of the girls in my school. There was a videogame class that was completely full and i couldn't get in. And i wouldn't be surprised if more than half the room was female.

So to end this sad rant. The qualities that have made me different in highschool Like videogames, comics, movies, etc have now been overshadowed. But i'm still awesome on Newgrounds my little Shangri la. But keep in mind just because the girls in my school are in to awesome things doesn't mean they aren't assholes remember "let's laugh evilly at the mental girl." And just because she's good at videogames doesn't mean she'll be a graceful winner. She'll be screaming in your face LOSER BOY WHERE YA BALLS AT!?! that's not lady like hmph.

I'm going to the NYC COMIC CON!

2010-08-03 00:48:28 by Sawke

I just need to get them damn tickets! but when i do!! LOOK OUT NERDS SOMEONES GETTING A BLACK EYE FOR SOME MANGA! no i'm not a otaku, i have friends that are borderline ones they cosplay...they're not very close. Personally i can't bring myself to show fandom for anything in an extragant way.

The only circumstance i'd ever wear even a fan shirt is if theres a funny catchphrase. I like Star Trek and i had the line "dammit jim i'm not a doctor" on a shirt with a pic of dr mccoy, but other than things like that i probably wouldn't be in to. Currently i'm sticking to buttons, and patches.

I'm ok with someone wanting to wear weird fandom stuff. But personally i find it a little weird and pointless. It's not like you're going to love the same shows when you were a young adult until you're in your 60s.

It's possible, but even still i doubt you'll still wear the merchandise. How many 40 year olds who are RESPECTABLE still wear the band shirts they liked as teens!? not too many, because we all get old and grow up. Sure i might pull out my death note dvds in a few decades to show to my kids. And i might not, and i'm kinda hoping i won't, because if my life is at a point in the future where i have time to watch anime reruns. Between here and then i have made a huge mistake!

I'm going to the NYC COMIC CON!

Comic Con fight

2010-07-26 11:55:39 by Sawke

Any of you guys go? or see the live coverage?

i heard there was a fight that broke out there over something resident evil related. And someone was stabbed near the eye with a pen...would have been cooler if it was IN the eye though.

So if you had to get in to a fight as a comic character who would you be? and who would you want to fight against?

I'd want to be dressed as sailor moon and get in to a fight with the hulk for several reasons:

A) Sailor Moon is Awesome

B) Who wouldn't want to see that fight?

C) if i'm going to do something as stupid as getting in a public fight, and a comic convention no less i may as well dress for the part.

Check out my new art blog.

2010-03-08 08:29:03 by Sawke ch?updated-min=2010-01-01T00%3A00%3A00 -08%3A00&updated-max=2011-01-01T00%3A0 0%3A00-08%3A00&max-results=1

I write reviews on gallery shows i see in NYC. As well as post my art work and comment on what it is about. Post some comments and help make it cool!!!

Comic book character of the month! Lenore the cute little dead girl

2010-02-01 08:09:29 by Sawke

Lenore by Roman Dirge

A cute dead girl that loves animals, but can't seem to keep them alive long enough. She likes muffins and is admired deeply by Mr.Gosh who can't seem to take a hint that she's just not interested after shooting him, twice.

Comic book character of the month! Lenore the cute little dead girl

It's not his fault he has to kill. The wall in the basement needs blood...and if doesn't get it's blood...well..Johnny doesn't know..but he's not going to take the chance.


Johnny likes Cherry Slushies, Ghettios', Ramen, and scaring the crap out of his kid neighbor SQUEE!.

Comic book character of the month! Johnny the homicidal maniac!!

What i got for christmas!

2009-12-25 14:34:24 by Sawke

Addams family dvd double feature

spa set

snow white dvd

sleeping beauty dvd


40$ from my brother

huge art case with art supplies in it

Alice in Wonderland book

The plague by Camus

Women shopping and sex

2009-12-23 20:34:27 by Sawke

So in this movie a guy says "women will go shopping and circle something and not buy it, because they are learning self restraint, men know exactly what they want. It's just like sex, women are more responsible" do you think is true? i don't think women or men are more responsible then the other, but women are definately more meticulous when it comes to choosing a partner even in sex. We all know men will go for a girl they dont find attractive for sex but how many women do you think will have sex with a obese man because they are desperate for sex? not too many lol...

ComicBook Character of the Month- DANTE FROM DEVIL MAY CRY!

2009-12-01 04:48:05 by Sawke

Technically he's a videogame character but there is a DMC manga too.

Dante- Half human, Half Demon. He can kick major demon ass, shoots with two guns, has a giant sword perfect for killing demons, and is damn near impossible to kill.

Fact about Dante- He loves strawberry sundaes, a real man can eat a delicious kiddy treat!

ComicBook Character of the Month- DANTE FROM DEVIL MAY CRY!

Favorite Comic Book Character of the Month: SPIDERMAN!

2009-11-18 19:31:09 by Sawke


Powers: spidey powers, scaling walls, jumping long distances, that's about it.

Little known fact: he has a thingie inside his suit that shoots webs, he can't actually make one naturally.

Favorite Comic Book Character of the Month: SPIDERMAN!