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Entry #146

I need art ideas give me your weird ones

2015-08-25 02:00:56 by Sawke

So i'd like to keep contributing art to NG but i need some ideas...anyone have any creepy imagery they have from nightmares or some place they have seen that might help?

Keywords are: Haunted, house, ghost, supernatural, creepy, abandoned, children, forest, disease, death.

Check out my art to get a better idea of what i'm talking about. Also if you have any art comments please don't hesitate to review and give constructive criticism!


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2015-08-25 02:27:57

Okay! You should do a little girl that kind of looks like Noodle from Gorillaz (Gorillaz is a band if you don't know them look them up) With white wispy hair and her mouth drooping open with tentacles crawling out and make her eyes black and shiny and the background a wall that's torn open with insulation hanging out and some indentations showing someone punched it. Don't include the tentacles if its too much though, less is always more in some cases.

Sawke responds:

thanks...maybe i already did a couple of pictures like that already...perhaps i'll try some adjustments


2015-08-25 03:00:34

Once I had a nightmare with a "zombie horse" on it. The horse had a lot of rotten parts, I could see some of its ribs, and half of its snout was all bones.

Sawke responds:

i have zombie dreams a lot, though i'm terrible at horses, even in dreams. Thanks


2015-08-25 03:18:19

Every couple of years I have a reoccurring nightmare, where i'm stuck in a house that is filled with rooms of different creatures and nightmarish phobias, and i'm always tasked to go through every room with a chance at leaving the house after I escape the room im currently in. I always get stuck in this one room where I can't move, and the ugly old wench who owns the place sits there with my family as they all laugh at me, as i'm slowly getting pierced by spikes in my sides.

The pain from the spikes is extremely intense, and it's the only thing that wakes me up.

I've only ever escaped that house once, hearing the painful screams behind me of the old lady, only for me to be swarmed by spiders out on the front lawn.

It's like I can't ever catch a break, man.

Welp, hopefully you can glean some ideas from that!

Sawke responds:

yikes sounds like you don't get along too well with your family. I like all that imagery, i think i'll try drawing a group of people surrounding a guy that's spiked through with giant spiders eating the flesh. I'll deviate from my normal heavy black imagery and make it like a picnic. Thanks! best one yet!


2015-08-25 03:24:45

Draw a man with a scary mask on holding a little boy's hand in a dark room.

Sawke responds:

sounds good i'll get on that. I'll let you know when it's done.


2015-08-25 03:25:05

A farmer with aids in the woods starts pummelling a bloody stick that's screaming "EM PLEH DOG" as a young girl watches while slowly tearing her nails off with a pair of tweezers and placing them into her dead dog laying in a puddle of curdling semen.

Fucking beat that creepy shit!!!!

Sawke responds:

i'll do the tearing off nails bit


2015-08-25 05:26:26

Noticed your blurb... ever do any pictures of the Marx brothers (wonder how they'd fare on YouTube)?

I think some of the best pictures have a great deal of contrast between setting and character, like, a red-haired prostitute avoiding sword and pike during the Crusades in the middle-east. Or a pampered French poodle in a dirty 1900's factory, where little kids oil gears that could pull them and crush them, and still function (almost happened to me as a kid around farm/construction equipment more than once).

Sawke responds:

those sound good, might be a bit beyond my abilities to effectively pull off. Maybe someday


2015-08-25 19:07:48

A person standing and you see their skin, muscles, hair melting off of them while skeleton remains, a tree growing out of a person and roots breaking out of their skin, finger tips, and eyes. A porcelain doll holding a child, the cathedral made of bones as spectral skulls float by. There that ought to get you started.

Sawke responds:

i like the doll one and the tree one best, the skin melting one i can also do. good work :)