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It's been a while

2015-04-28 21:41:41 by Sawke

A long while, i wanted to post some art and maybe try and give newgrounds a chance again. I haven't really been on newgrounds in years and i figured maybe i'm not too old to reconnect with people, i have made some pretty great friends on here, some i've known since i was a teen and still know. I'm 23 now, i started on here when i was 14. I guess it's not easy for me to relate to people in everyday life but online i meet the best people who eventually become very important friends, even if i never meet them they still make an impact. It's good to be back, i hope to stay this time!


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2015-04-28 22:00:37

welcome back! yeah last time i was on here i was probably 14 or 15 as well lol but now i'm 21 and it's sort of like a breath of fresh air in a way! yeah there's still some trolliness here but for the most part (from what i've encountered at least) the community has gotten much nicer and more accommodating to pretty much everyone! its kinda nice lol

Sawke responds:

:) i can see that, i'm looking forward to my newgrounds part 2!


2015-04-28 22:45:38

Never too old for this place, that's the secret! Although when I went to the IRL Pico party this past weekend, I kinda felt out of the professional loop, but hey, I always felt that way! This place was made for artists like yourself, I did video, so it was never gonna be a perfect match.... anyway, thanks for coming back, may the experience enrich you!


2015-04-29 23:22:35

Welcome back. Nice new uppies (uploads) Just fivened them.

I feel the same way. My best buds are all online.


2015-05-04 08:49:26

Welcome to the 23 club lol. Been a member for years, and also recently got back on to post some cool stuff to give back to the community. This is truly an artist cove as much as it is a diamond in the rough, so we're honored to have you back!