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Unattracted to dark skinned girls

2011-01-16 14:05:00 by Sawke

I really like my friend, but he's unattracted to dark skinned girls. He told me himself. It made me feel pretty worthless, society perpetuates the idea that white women are more attractive. Although now of course that's starting to be less true, Beyonce and such. But still it hurts so much to not have your affections returned because of your skin color.

He even shows he has some attraction in the way he acts but it's like he's forcing himself to not admit feelings because of how i look. It's also really stupid. I am mixed, so my features are more latinish. So it's not like my physical features are THAT far from being white. Saying you don't like someone because of a skin color is like not liking someone because of a hair color. At least admit you're being an idiot and give more reasons other than the fact that they're black, white etc for not liking them

I for one don't find black men INITIALLY attractive. But that doesn't mean i never can. It just takes me a while longer, i got a crush on one black guy after talking to him but then it went away because he was a liar and cheated on his gfs. But point is it's not wrong to not find one thing as attractive as another just DONT FUCKING SAY IT! and if that person proves to be loyal then your dumb ass is giving up real loyalty which isn't easy to find! aaaargh fuck.

Point is in the end no matter what your feelings are for someones outsides if they are truly good to you looks should never matter in the end. Duh.


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2011-01-16 14:29:49

im sorry bout' that. i like dark skinned women better than white girls. White girls are unappealing to me. But you know what blame the fact im a furry. Oh well, find someone else.

Sawke responds:

>:( why are all the dark skinned loving guys on the internet because im damn sure not meeting any.


2011-01-17 16:41:34

I clicked on your link expecting some hot corn action. I am dissapointed.

Sawke responds:

join the club


2011-01-20 06:16:08

I think he was just being polite...not that you're ugly or anything, but I don't think he was saying the truth.