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Entry #137

You know what's super mega nasty?

2010-09-05 15:54:26 by Sawke

Ugly babies > : ( you're supposed to love it, but who doesn't want to hit it? i's natures cruelest trick. Honestly i was a weird looking baby, not ugly just weird. I kinda looked like a little mexican boy and i drooled A LOT. I saw a kid like this in the store. Just picture it black. He ran past my legs and i nearly screamed it looked like a fucking bush baby. DAMN i feel sorry for that kids momma. Also i know that pic isnt real so FU FUGLY DOLL!

You know what's super mega nasty?


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2010-09-05 16:01:59

ya it's a troll baby like i used to collect lots of troll dolls, but that dolls just... uh.... yea... Dx


2010-09-05 16:13:09

With that picture in my head, I suddenly became hungry for kebab... :S


2010-09-05 16:19:10

That thread about not liking to go to parties. Just stop lying to your self and admit that no one invited you and now your making up excuses...

Sawke responds:

:/ says the guy who's sitting alone


2010-09-05 16:19:41

Oh right... Did you see that movie?


2010-09-05 16:53:12



2010-09-09 17:56:25

No man, just no.


2011-06-15 20:18:08

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